Bye Bye Scripts

Thought I would drop a quick line “on the line” and just let everyone know that as of this moment I am not going to be developing the following projects anymore:

  • ASTwitterLibrary
  • LittleBirdOSX
  • Lyricatcher

The primary reason for the first two is that some of the changes that twitter has made in recent years (moving all API replies to JSON for example) has made native AppleScript support for using their API very difficult. Some of the functions within ASTwitterLibrary (and the ‘black boxes’ that drive them in ASObject) might continue to function but unless Apple decides it wants to include JSON parsing native in Applescript, similar to how they did XML parsing, or Twitter decides to return XML output, which is doubtful, I think it is the end of the line for these two projects.

Lyricatcher I have decided to retire (and maybe re-write at some point) only because I am not sure how much it is actually used. Some of the sites which is parses lyrics from are constantly changing their methodology of trying to protect the lyrics from someone scraping them (exactly what I am doing) and at the moment it is too hard to keep up with.

Perhaps sometime in the future I will dust these projects off again and see if I can’t breathe new life into them but for now it is good bye.


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