ASObject 0.9 Released

Good afternoon!

I just finished uploading ASObject 0.9 and I must say I am very happy to announce that is available for all of you to download. There have been a TON of changes in this release that are helping me gear up for the 1.0 release of ASObejct (which, hopefully will not be more than a year out). Please be sure to read through the change log to ensure that you don’t get bit by one of the major changes that happened in this release!

Here are the changes that have been made in ASObject 0.9:

  • Added - Sys_Log method for sending messages to system log
  • Added - Regex_Grep method for doing regex using grep
  • Added - Regex_Sed method for doing regex using sed
  • Added - Pop method for removing an item from a list
  • Added - Ability to set date format in Get_Formatted_Date (including default)
  • Updated - Parse_Arguments method now returns record with proper keys and values!
  • Updated - Split_Every method now accepts string first and number of characters to split by second.
  • Updated - check_for_update method now does not accept argstring
  • Updated - check_for_update method puts downloads in ~/Downloads folder if it exists
  • Fixed - Bug in Write_To_Log method when not rolling logs
  • Fixed - trim method now catches tab characters too
  • Renamed - Get_Record_Properties to Get_Record_Keys
  • Removed - Read_Log_File method
  • Removed - Open_Log_File method
  • Removed - Keychain Methods
  • Removed - SQL Lite Methods
  • Removed - Auto install of ASObject
  • Removed - Auto install portion of Check_For_Update method
  • Optimized code
  • Misc bug fixes

NOTE: We are no longer pushing bug fixes back to older versions of ASObject

As always, if you have a bug to report, a feature to request, help using ASObject, or would simply like to say “hi” or “thanks” please let me know!

ASObject 0.9 is available at Bitbucket!


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