A Letter To Colorado State Senate

I have written the following letter to my Senators in Colorado. Please feel free to use this letter in full or as a template to send to your own Representatives. It is important as citizens of the United States to participate in the making of laws and letting our Representatives know what we want and how we would like them to vote.

I am writing to urge you to not vote for Colorado House Bills 1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229. I believe these bils infringe on the Second Amendment and will do little to deter the recent waves of mass violence in our state or country. These laws will simply limit law-abiding citizens from enjoying their freedoms granted to them in the Constitution of the United States. Any law that trades freedoms for the promise of safety should not be passed.

I understand the desire to keep guns out of criminals hands but also understand that the making of laws doesn’t change a criminal’s mind. A person who is going to break the law with a gun will have little regard for what the gun laws are. I feel that if these bills are passed they will have no effect on the people they are intended for but rather chisel away at the freedoms of people who would never commit violent crimes against their neighbors. At worst, laws like those proposed in Colorado House Bills 1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229 will force these disturbed individuals to turn to alternative methods of mass killing. I really do not want to see more Oklahoma City bombings throughout our state and the country. I do not want to see more mass shootings or assaults because law-abiding citizens were unable to defend themselves from criminals who have no regard for the laws being presented.

Trying to stop gun violence by gun control is like trying to stop drunk driving by limiting access to cars. Cars do not drive drunk, the person behind the wheel is responsible. If you vote for Colorado House Bills 1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229 it would be the same as voting to remove cars from the roads to stop drunk driving. It won’t work.

Please, I urge you again, do not vote for Colorado House Bills 1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229. Doing so will not solve our gun violence issue in Colorado or even in the United States. Please represent me.

And, if you want a Twitterfied version:

Please do not pass Colorado House Bills 1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229. They will not help in the fight against gun violence!

Information on the Colorado State Senate can be found here!

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