Stardate 90123.8

Yesterday I posted a bash_profile function that would allow you to get the current Stardate. While this little bash tweak was cool I really wanted to do something a little more in-depth so I started searching for other ways of calculating the current Stardate. I eventually stumbled upon a perl script that I would like to share with you all now.

Here is the perl script for you to copy and paste…

# Taken from
$t = time();
$precision = 1;

$stardate_epoch = 11139552000;
$absolute = (($t - $stardate_epoch) / (31556.952));
$centuries = int($absolute/100000)-1;
$relative = int($absolute - $centuries*100000 + 0.5);
$part_of_day = (($t - $stardate_epoch) % 86400)/86400.0;
$part_of_day_str = sprintf("%.".$precision."f", $part_of_day);
$choped_part_of_day = substr($part_of_day_str, 2, length($part_of_day_str)-2);


And here is the original bash_profile function with a tweak that allows you to call the above perl script if it is located in your /usr/local/bin/ directory:

function stardate() {
        if [ -n "$1" -a "$1" = "-a" ]; then
                if [ ! -f /usr/local/bin/stardate ]; then
                        date +%Y.%j | sed 's/\.0*/\./g';
                date +%Y%d.%m | sed 's/\.0*/\./g';


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